Lake Life

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Every weekend I try to escape the city to somewhere peaceful, somewhere where I can feel the vastness of space around me, where my soul sings in awe.

I could imagine myself living in an idyllic place in the countryside, sharing my home with a few chickens, goats and alpacas; a place surrounded by hills or tucked into a beautiful mountain valley blooming in a rainbow of flowers every spring. I can see myself walking down a misty meadow bathed in morning sunlight, slowly stepping into the crisp waters of a turquoise lake, and submerging myself in this dream…

The place I live in now is quite different from the fantasy of a blissful mountain hut in a fairyland. Berlin: an unforgiving jungle of concrete for miles in each direction, thousands of cars and endless jingle of construction sites; and yet, an attractive urban enclave for over three million people. Berlin attracts with a vibrant lifestyle, rich cultural offerings and a variety of employment opportunities. As for me, I take every opportunity to get out of here! And where else if not to the beauty of nature, the wildness of forests and the refreshing waters of crystal clear lakes?

I was stunned to discover that Berlin is surrounded by an infinite amount of lakes and forests! It takes around an hour on a train to arrive in places where one can reconnect with nature. One of my favourite weekend escapades so far has been a cycling trip around Peetschsee and Stechlinsee.

Having prepared some camping gear, food and bicycles my fiancé and I embarked on a regional train to Fürstenberg / Havel. After an hour train ride, we were sipping coffee in a local café and enjoying a yummy piece of cake, the last taste of civilisation. And then there was only nature ahead!

Lush forests welcomed us with a raspberry feast; my heart was filled with joy as that’s one on my favourite fruits. It was pleasant to ride along the soft forest paths, interrupted only by surface tree roots. Every now and then an intermission for swimming, floating, reflection, bird watching or gazing with delight at the soft surface of the lake, and the weekend passed in a blink of an eye.

On Sunday afternoon, while cycling through the forest to catch the train back, we came across a wild blueberry paradise, and so we fell into a picking trance! Soon our container was filled to the brim with wild blueberries. Another blueberry cake came out from my oven after the trip!

First swimming & chilling stop at a beautiful Peetschsee

P1160369Turquoise colours of Stechlinsee

Lush Stechlinsee feeder

Morning self-reflection, Stechlinsee

lakeWaiting for an afternoon storm at Peetschsee